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July 4th, 2020


Home. Sweating a bit with a mix of cologne, munching on Cheez-its.

Just came back from a party, July 4th. Haven’t been to one in a long time actually. I really wanted to have a grill moment on Independence Day, so when Ryan mentioned a gathering, I really pushed him over the fence, convincing him to go and of course to bring me along. Last time such a mass gathering was back in Foothill years, Asha’s birthday.

Anyways, a lot changed. I put on a new pink hoodie that I bought, became so much more talkative, wasn’t like that on Asha’s birthday, maybe because I did change now, looked at things in a different way, tried “loosening up”. Having a lil bit of munchies going on rn as well.

Bought tequila for the group. I was kinda bitter at first because it’s a whole ass bottle that I won’t get to finish myself, but then I ended up drinking their Soju’s and beers; eating their Burgers and Hot dogs, so I figured to suppress my Asian pettiness aside a lil bit and enjoy the moment.

I kept saying the night is young at the party, but turns out good times do fly!

Tried getting Ryan to socialize a bit more, and it did work. Seems like he’s having a good time as well, and he did mention he is having a good time. He got to catch up with his friends, and at the same time I made him talk to strangers over sharing a joint! I should test him on whether he still remembers the names of the people that he just met. Fun!

Got to know a whole bunch of people, and got their Instagrams too, so we’re gonna talk more or hang out more soon? Who knows?

Talked about how nice San Diego compared to LA is. How people in LA live this celebrity life and greet everyone why know with this bitchy tone of “So… What do you do?”

Talked about the state of Hong Kong, a girl is from Taiwan, so she’s pretty pro-democracy. She’s all for the immigration of Hong Kong people to Taiwan, keeps telling me that I should not go back home rn, given all that’s happened.

One dude was born in Hong Kong so that was that instant connection right there, some people from the party also spoke Cantonese, the dialect mainly used in Hong Kong, so that’s the instant bonding as well.

Another dude is from Morocco and was just talking about how construction is so slow in their country because people just keeps stealing gas from the contractors’ tanks, or like stealing bricks from construction sites. At the same time comparing it to China’s crazy infrastructure strength as in how they can build a whole-ass apartment high rise in like a week. Anyways, he said the country is hella diverse, his mother has green eyes, sister has blonde hair. Cool how the French really influenced the people, colonization amirite?

Super friendly dude, said we will Facetime every weekend to practice his mandarin while I learn French, dude speaks freaking 5 languages, Arabic, French, Spanish, English, … Speaking of split personalities! (I think research shows the connection between language and personality). Anyways he’s super friendly and he said would welcome me to his home anytime I decide to visit Morocco! Insane!

P.S. Happy July 4th!!

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