Homeless Humor

July 11th, 2020


Back from a 2-hour drive from LA, listening to Coldplay’s AHFOD album

It’s a short one today. One that left me slightly bamboozled.

I was just getting gas at Shell in LA today after getting some Korean Friend Chicken take-out, by Normandie Avenue before going up to I-10 East, I think.

It was in the afternoon around 2:45. I was just waiting for the gas tank to fill up, while a homeless (I assumed) dude with a shopping cart filled with stuff strolled up to me, holding up a broken side mirror of a car towards me, and said “have you seen this man?” I shook my head without realizing what he had said, assuming he was just asking for money when voice came out of his mouth.

Then just I realized what he had said, it was the most unoriginal joke – one’s that been told a thousand times. You even see it in children’s books where pages of reflective papers were being used to imitate a mirror, along with the similar question, “have you seen this man?”

He left, shrugging his shoulders, laughing to himself, pushing his cart away.

He left, leaving me at thoughts, he wasn’t asking for money, I disregarded him before even trying to listen to what he had to say. My man’s just trying to share a joke, maybe sharing his joy of finding the side-mirror that broke off, even possibly to cheer me up.

I feel bad for not acknowledging him, I judged him too quickly, and I did not treat him fairly, as another human being. Yes, I did not appreciate his joke at that moment, maybe of its unoriginality, but aren’t we all trying to find ourselves in this world?

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