Lead a mistake-less life?

So, I was on the phone with my mother the other day.

And on the call, she keeps telling me this (what she has been saying my whole life honestly),

“You learn from other ‘s lessons so that you don’t make the same mistakes”

Pretty straightforward, cliché advice I would say.

But then I challenge her.

What if I follow everything you say, and learn all the possible lessons of others, then I shall lead a mistake-less life?

Is it really possible to live a mistake-less life though?

After all, mistakes are subjectively characterized. The same decision and action can be both a mistake and a correct move in different people’s eyes.

Why should we live a life based on how people will judge you?

Does jumping off a 5 feet cliff into the water sound like a mistake?

Sure. It can result in one dying (and I’m sure people did, people have died in more unimaginable ways)

Why do people still do it though?

You know how you can live a life with no mistakes? By doing nothing.

But isn’t life about experiences and taking risks?

The biggest risk you can taking is not taking one.

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