Rebel Road

July 9th, 2020

Sunny with occasional clouds

Currently full from drinking water and chomping down burgers

Just a thought I had and I really have to write it down.

I hated writing so much during school, doesn’t matter if it’s essays, short or long, term papers, lab reports, whatever, I just disliked it. Especially satisfying the word limit, I have to spurt out bullshit just to explain the same concept, sure you want sources? Google, done. Quotes? Done. MLA style? Citation? Done and done. Hated it.

But never did I pay someone else to do it for me, and I made sure I did my minimum best work, why? I just didn’t like the idea of getting a grade that you did not deserve. Principles & Standards ladies and gentlemen, if we don’t have them, we are no different than animals.

(Speaking of minimum effort, I should write another blog post for it…)


Now that school’s over for me, I can’t stop reading and writing.

Now that school’s over, I wake up early instead of sleeping in.

Now that school’s over, I’ve never been more active in life and sports, actively job seeking and going surfing.

Now that school’s over, I’ve played so much less video games, and am starting to find out how a waste of time it is (Gosh I feel the Asian Parents rejoicing here for the wrong reasons).

I hypothesized that it is the rebellious side of me that spurs this growth (hopefully it is growth lmao).

The more I am being told or forced into doing something, whether I like it or not in the end (this is crucial), I choose the other way. Not jumping into the puddle of water? BAM and BOOM, you’re damn sure I’ll be soaked up wet from jumping in that puddle. So maybe the saying is true, 三歲定八十. ( Here you go you English speaking mofos.

No one told me to learn guitar? But I did anyways. Did my mother force me to learn piano? Yes, did I stop playing piano? Eh, it’s a yes and no, because the moment I feel like playing the piano again, was the exact tipping point moment where I feel the authority over me to play it was diminished.

Maybe I am rebellious.

P.S. Note to self: Oh also, I figured, maybe you are not as close as you think you are with someone else.

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