Selling vacuum cleaners

July 20th, 2020


Today I sold one of the vacuum cleaners that I picked up around the apartment complex.

While getting ready to head out I also got in touch with someone else who is selling a pull-up bar. 

So, when contemplating whether to go buy the bar first or to sell the vacuum first, I went back on the business 101 principles that you should always get cash first, like literally, in your hands.

I run the risk of losing the sale if I go buy the pull-up bar first; on the other hand, risk losing the pull-up bar to someone else if I go sell the vacuum first.

Anyway, I got both the bar and the money, so all’s well.

Also, I learnt more about myself today.

I was asked “huh, so you never really forgave them uh?”

I realized, huh, maybe I really am holding a grudge.

My idea of holding a grudge is limited cuz I don’t usually have a problem with people… even if I do, I forget, a line about holding grudges from the song Detroit Vs. Everybody that I really liked here (0:56).

Explicit lyrics warning lol, duh.

A wise man told me that holdin' a grudge is like lettin' somebody just live inside of your head rent free

A wise man indeed.

So my theory is – I am a person who does not forgive, but rather just forgets.

And I think that really made sense as in how I am so obsessed with the Pacific Ocean (Shawshank Redemption reference here) maybe it is a place with no memories. Every time I step foot onto the cold pacific water, it seems like all overthinking goes away, and all I can focus on is to paddle and surf.

But this is not healthy nor good for me at least in the long term.

Because there are people that you cannot just simply forget, say for example family members or your significant other.

Learning how to forgive is also forgiving yourself of yourself. 

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